Dear Bace Cummunity

The BACE Exchange project is officially canceled due to lack of public interest. Thanks to all investors and supporters of the project. Here, you will find a guide to call a refund of all your invested funds. Please follow the tutorial.



How to refund your invested funds

1. First, you will have to wait for the ICO to end until the smartcontract allows you to call a refund. Please save the date: MAY, 28, 2018, 18:00 CET TIME (!DO IT THAT DAY!)

2. Go to the Crowdsale contract page: and copy the Adress and Contract ABI 


3. Go to and insert the Adress in "Contract Address" and the Contract ABi in "ABI / JSON Interface" and click on Access.


4. Select the refund option, then log in to your wallet which you used for sending the ETH to the ICO and click on WRITE. The contract will refund all funds that came from this adress.


If you got any questions or problems write to